Our beef is exclusively imported for you, Toro Dorado’s valued guests.

We offer a variety of world-class 100% pure beef from Argentina, Canada, Japan, Scotland and New Zealand.

Toro Dorado steaks are seasoned with exclusive extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. We use carefully selected 100% pure organic ingredients to create your favorite taste.

Choose from our world-class selection:

Argentinian Premium Black Label

Savor delicious grass-fed, 100% (pure, chilled fresh - not frozen) top quality beef that contains healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and does not contribute to raising cholesterol in humans. This free-range beef is imported from the fertile pastures of the Pampas where it enjoyed living a tranquil and relaxed lifestyle. The beef is wonderfully tender, boasting great health benefits such as being rich in Omega 3 and 6. When you add Toro Dorado's preparation process to the already incredible Argentine beef you know the finish is going to be something special. Try it – you will remember this taste for a long time!

Canadian Heritage Free Range Angus

With many small ranches residing in Alberta, Heritage Angus Beef pays close attention to making sure that agriculture and nature work together in balance. Their pastures and forests nurture the finest Angus cattle and they pride themselves on raising cattle the 'old fashioned way' - without the use of hormones, antibiotics, and/or any animal by-products.

Canadian Rangeland Bison

Today, more than ever before, a growing number of people are experiencing the richness of bison meat. The choice of those who want the fabulous taste and superior nutrition in one, incredibly tender, nutrient dense, lean red meat. Full flavored, it has richer, sweeter taste than beef. Treat your body well with rangeland bison steaks that serve up a daily dose of pure lean protein, iron and zinc. Grill your way to a healthy heart and happy taste buds.

Japanese Certified Kobe Beef

We are proud to serve the most delicious and exclusive beef on earth “The Emperor’s Beef”. Our exclusive brand, Royal Wagyu BMS 8-9 and Top Royal Wagyu BMS 10-11-12, imported directly from Japan, is an up-market luxurious product that is sold in sets. Each set has a unique passport with its original identity and marbling grade. Toro Dorado takes great pride in serving this exceptional meat, the epitome of excellence.

Scottish Mathers Black Gold

Mathers Black Gold is a Premium quality beef from cattle raised on the lush pastures of Aberdeenshire and the North East of Scotland. Only the very best cattle from traceable herds of genuine Scottish origin are eligible. All grass-fed beef is dry aged and matured on the bone for 28 days giving it enhanced flavour, consistent tenderness and succulence making it a unique eating experience. Dry aging is the “old method” of aging meat and has become rare due to the expense. Instead of letting meat sit in a vacuum-sealed bag, the meat is hung for a month in a controlled, closely watched, refrigerated environment. The temperature, humidity, and air flow need to be perfect. Mathers Black Gold beef can be found in luxury hotels and restaurants around the world and Toro Dorado is delighted to offer a comprehensive range of Mathers Black Gold beef cuts at the most realistic price levels.

New Zealand Prime Steer

With its perfect mild climate, abundance of land suitable for pastoral farming, large grassy pastures with lush grass and clear waters, New Zealand Prime Steer beef is raised on a natural diet of freshness. We have chosen Prime Steer raised in the best conditions for premium, full-bodied and finely marbled beef.